Melody of the sea

A psychiatrist, who desperately wants to be a mother, finds a baby mermaid and takes her home while the mermaid's colony is under attack by marine scientists.

super nancy

A 68-year-old widow with special needs cats gets a letter in the mail inviting her to a top-secret superhero training academy.


just for attention

A teenage girl usually behaves herself until she realizes her parents constantly overlook her, so she decides to join a cult to get their attention.

The magic show

On her ninth birthday, Emily gets on stage at a magic show, and a magician makes her disappear, only she doesn't come back.


The Official Site of Valerie Schwartfigure

Screenwriter/ Director/ Producer


Queen's Blessing Media



Valerie is an award-winning screenwriter & counselor from northeast Ohio. She's passionate about rest, play, humor, and caramel drizzle: the little things that keep people sane. 

Valerie was a semi-finalist for the FinalDraft Fellowship to Stowe Story Labs in September '19.  

As one of only 49 attendees to the fall lab, she is considered among the top emerging screenwriting talent in the world.  

Valerie earned the Script Summit Aristotle Award in July '19, honoring her potential as an up-and-coming screenwriter who is always learning and growing. 

Her feature screenplay MELODY OF THE SEA , 30-minute TV Pilot, SUPER NANCY, and her short, JUST FOR ATTENTION, all won multiple awards.

She is now working on a new feature script, THE MAGIC SHOW, and is accepting writing assignments.

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